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Servicing a MEDICO medical equipment service center has several advantages that should be noted:

Quality guarantee: MEDICO provides a guarantee for its medical equipment. This means that if problems arise with the device during the warranty period, the customer is entitled to free repair or replacement. The warranty confirms the high quality of MEDICO products and provides customers with protection against possible defects or breakdowns.

Exchange Conditions: If a MEDICO product is delivered past its expiration date, the customer has the right to exchange it. The company has a policy of offering exchange of goods if they are delivered with an expiration date of less than one year. This ensures that customers receive fresh and valid products and also allows them to be confident in the quality of the products offered.

Possibility of replacement if not repairable: When MEDICO medical equipment cannot be repaired for any reason, the service center offers the possibility of replacement. This ensures that customers are not left without the necessary equipment and are able to obtain a working product.

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