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Delivery is carried out by the Company's couriers every day, closed on Sunday.

Please note that if a large number of orders are received for a certain time interval, this delivery interval may become unavailable for selection.


Delivery within 1 day in Tashkent: 


Delivery is carried out within 1 day from confirmation of the order. Actual delivery may be +/-10 minutes from the specified time.

Delivery to other regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan may take within 3 days.

A complete refusal to deliver an order is accepted at any time by our service manager. If the goods are rejected, the buyer will be refunded the amount paid by him, with the exception of the seller's costs for delivery of the returned goods, if the seller incurred such costs. If the delivery of the goods was made within the terms established by the contract, but the goods were not transferred to the buyer due to his fault, subsequent delivery is made within a new time frame agreed upon with the seller, after the buyer has re-paid the cost of services for delivery of the goods.


Upon delivery, the Buyer by courier:

- is obliged to inspect the goods for their integrity, suitability, compliance with the ordered quantity, quality and assortment. If the product is of inadequate quality, or does not correspond to the ordered quantity and/or assortment, then it is possible to refuse the improper/not corresponding to the ordered product;

- can carry out fittings of goods. If the product is not suitable, a partial refusal of the purchase is possible.


The delivered goods are handed over to the buyer or the person specified as the recipient in the Order. To avoid misunderstandings, the courier may ask the buyer to present an identification document and indicate the details of this document on the order receipt.

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